ALITECS is a venture company comprising a group of experts with extensive experience in hardware and software related to cutting-edge semiconductor lithography, RET/OPC, electron beam equipment, and semiconductor wafer/mask inspection equipment.

We aim to create new inspection technology by organically combining lithography and inspection technology. We develop software for inspection equipment as well as inspection equipment systems. Based on visionary planning, we will take on the challenges unique to a venture company, and create world-class technologies and business models.

Our company philosophy is to be innovative in both technology and business, and to contribute to the development of a prosperous and sustainable information society.

The photo is Besshonuma Park near our head office in Saitama City. Metasequoias grow thick and wild birds sing, making this a place where people can relax. Here in this calm environment, we will boldly take on the challenge of developing world-leading, cutting-edge technologies and businesses.

Our Policy

In manufacturing, pure hardware-related technology is, of course, important. In addition, software technology is vital in order to understand the physics and mathematical formulations of equipment, and to operate that equipment optimally, making corrections to improve performance when necessary. Leading semiconductor equipment companies in the U.S. and Europe have clearly demonstrated that software engineering is the core technology of computer science-related equipment.

 Our focus is on developing software for semiconductor mask defect inspection equipment. Initially, we will start in the field of legacy semiconductors, improve our organizational, economic, and technical capabilities, and then advance to cutting-edge fields. To that end, we will focus on passing on technology from our generation to the next and to succeeding generations, and in the future will take on the challenge of ultra-cutting-edge business and technology.

The photo above is Matterhorn. A noble, beautiful, high mountain. Just like climbing this mountain, we will embrace the journey as we climb from legacy to cutting edge.