Alitecs Optics Model (AOM) was developed to simulate optical image projection system. Based on its outstanding features, AOM is applicable to a variety of semiconductor computational applications, such as computational inspection. AOM is now the core simulation engine for other ALITECS application products and it is customizable to other specifical applications upon customer spec.

AOM is a high NA and vector optical model supporting simulation of 3D mask interaction. Benefiting from those critical features, AOM can simulate imaging for small feature and is applicable to very advanced technical node.

3D mask interaction simulation.

A more accurate near field is computed.


  • High Accuracy

It is based on first-principle rigorous optical imaging theory. And it is a vector model and accounts for effects of the different polarization under high-NA illumination and various medium configurations.

  • High Speed

Algorithms are well optimized and some approximation sub-models are developed to achieve fast speed.

  • Large-scale computation

A parallel architecture is made to enable computation on a distributed computing system. GPU acceleration is to be developed.

  • Rich interfaces

Many optical parameters are configurable for different optics designs. Can be customized according to different application requirements.